Sweet Dogfight

For those of you who want to recreate this action adventure at home, you can get Sally’s Airplane Cookie Cutters in our online shops! This little inconspicious item is one of the most popular products in our shops, particularly around Christmas time.

On a completely unrelated subject: In case you missed the announcement last week: As of now, we’ll be switching from three to two comic strips a week. So, the new update schedule will be Tuesday and Friday!

Bonus challenge: Find the Star Wars reference in the strip!

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6 comments on “Sweet Dogfight
  1. Stephan says:

    That was easy! Leia and Han Solo: The cave is collapsing! This is no cave! …Hmmm…but was it “the Empire strikes back” or the previous???

  2. Stephan says:

    You should draw a comic strip with “Pussy Galore” the blonde “airplane” girl in “Goldfinger”. Man, it´s Bond-time!

  3. JKelley says:

    “Chuck O’Laid?” Cross between “wishful thinking” and “chucklehead,” sounds like…

  4. Speedsix says:

    Man, you had me start this drab November Friday with a good chuckle.
    Good thing there is this great web comic!

  5. Speedsix says:

    @ JKelley: You have to read it loud and you will recognize Mr. Chuck o´Laid to be a distant relative of Mrs. Ginger Bread. 😀

  6. Speedsix says:

    By the way: That Mountain and cave remind me heavily of that great arcade flying game named Crimson Skies.- Besides the evident allusion to Star Wars, of course!

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