If you have noticed, that our latest book has fewer mistakes and typos inside you may thank our friend Laurie. She is a great lady who agreed to turn our somewhat jumbled random thoughts into real English so our aviation lingo explanations and our character descriptions are readable and easier to follow. We really needed to find somebody with mad English skills and an understanding of aviation. You won’t believe how hard it is to find a pilot who can spell! Thankfully Laurie agreed to help us out.
Laurie is a school teacher and also a rated pilot. She has done a lot of great things for kids and in aviation and is currently going through a rough patch. So we thought we want to show her our appreciation, the only way we know how, by turning her into a chicken.
Thank you, Laurie, and know that we are thinking of you!

In other news: We have determined the winners of our T-Shirt contest! The first prize, a Silver Chicken, goes to Ian Davidson, and the second prize, a copy of our newest book goes to Adam Jacobs! Congratulations and thank you everybody for participating!

In other other news: We’re having a special Black Friday offer in our online shops. To find out more, you have to check out our respective Facebook pages, or

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4 comments on “Laurie
  1. Bob Sutton says:

    Thanks for giving Laurie a “STEM” T-shirt. The real world Laurie might be helping you guys with English, but it’s nice to see a plug for technical oriented education!

    PS: Smart Women Rock!

  2. laurie says:

    Guys, this is really touching, especially including STEM on my shirt (I love teaching at our STEM Academy!). I had tears when I saw this and my son thought it was really cool that you did this. I enjoyed using my editing skills and aviation knowledge to help out. You guys are very creative!

    Bob- thanks for the compliment. I teach elementary school and am a pilot, as the guys mentioned. I am grounded right now, dealing with cancer, but hope to be flying again next year. I love taking kids up as Young Eagles and doing aviation camps with them.

  3. mike says:

    We’re stoked you like the strip, Laurie!
    It was nice to do something unique instead of sending a card or flowers and we hope you’re pleased with your chicken-alter-ego.
    We can’t take all the credit though. Jim was behind the initial idea and the STEM shirt was his brainchild. We’re all thinking of you and hope that you’ll be back in the air soon! (btw, Bob, we also are fans of smart women, that’s how Alex was born….)

    We like the new Laurie character, so keep watching for another cameo not far down the road!

  4. warbirdali says:

    Welcome aboard Laurie, glad to know you as a chicken!I Would say glad you can outsmart Chuck but that’s not much of a high bar….. You will pleased to know I was too much of a gentleman to notice the T-shirt straight away but my daughter’s school also has STEM and she loves it, she even signs up for the university’s weekend STEM for middle school girls to get hands on with sciencey stuff and math . Sill haven’t got her into aviation yet but maybe if she gets science based job she will make the BIG MONEY and pay for my aviation? BTW guys have you got a template of Chuck’s disgruntled expression in panel 3? It gets used so often it might save you some time 😉

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