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Chicken Wings Classic – Too close for missiles. Switching to guns.

Here’s a very special, very old strip for you. I think it was the second double-line Chicken Wings comic strip I ever drew. And when I think about how long ago that was, it makes me feel a bit old.

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Chicken Wings Classic – Going to an airshow

Summer time is airshow time! So we thought we’d dig out this classic strip for you. By the way, is it “airshow” or “air show”? Or can you say both? As a native German speaker, I tend to form long

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Remember, remember …

Remember remember, the 24th of December! Merry Christmas everybody!!! Since this is our last post before Christmas, we would like to take this opportunity and wish you all some Happy Holidays! As a little Christmas gift to all of you

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On Santa’s lap

Christmas is fast approaching! I hope you bought or otherwise prepared all your presents yet! As for me, every year I am more and more relying on shopping online. I’m not a big fan of crowds in the first place,

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