6 comments on “Scarf Ace
  1. RG2Cents says:

    Heheheheheheh! I can almost hear “Flight of the Valkyries” in the background! XD

  2. JP says:

    well, at least he didn’t jump from his crashing plane right into his food dish…that would be embarrassing.

  3. fyrflier says:

    HA HA !!!

    did any of you guys notice the title of this strip???

    SCARF ACE !!!!

    LMAO !!!!


  4. Alasdair says:

    Oops I totally missed “Scarface”! I agree, I thought it would be individualistic of me to have a “Snoopy on the kennel flying ace” gravatar, then I saw hundreds of them all over the web, seems like every pilot uses it. Sigh…. “Everybody, repeat after me “I am an individual…” “

  5. Cpt Blade says:

    @fyrflier “Scarf Ace” LOL!

  6. mike says:

    I’m glad you guys caught that one!

    Stefan was getting worried…..

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