A real aviator

Always dress for the occasion! Can’t think of much else to write, because I’m totally immersed in work right now. We’re just putting the finishing touches on our new book which will be released this summer. Since all the lead time, production and delivery will take quite a long time, there is not much time left for us to finish in time. There, four times the word “time” in one sentence! I can’t even be bothered with writing decent English anymore, that’s how busy I am!

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5 comments on “A real aviator
  1. warbirdali says:

    Only Chuck (I hope) would wear a scarf with a short-sleeved pilot shirt! Strangely, I have always steered clear of “aviator” sunglasses so I don’t get stereotyped

  2. JKelley says:

    But how long before Chuck complains about his scarf being too tight?

  3. FlyingAce says:

    Pfft. Chuck is just trying to copy my style 😉

  4. FlyingAce says:

    … and why isn’t my avatar showing? :S

  5. Alasdair says:

    @ Flying Ace… a RED Scarf? Is that even higher than a white one?

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