Soda-can supercharger

Coincidentally, I started a thread in our forum about the Mythbusters episode where they had the plane take off from a conveyor belt. While I usually respect the Mythbusters and acknowledge that they have to make concessions for the TV audience, I think this “myth” was completely botched. Either that, or they didn’t phrase the question clear enough.

By the way, the advice to not try anything you see here at home is also true for Chuck’s adventures!

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7 comments on “Soda-can supercharger
  1. mike says:

    In their defense: You can kind of tell when you hear the Mythbusters talk to eachother that they knew exactly what the result of this experiment will be and that they tried hard to stay “unbiased”…..

    But you have to watch the whole episode!

    They kinda had to do this one because there was a huge discussion about it online and people on both sides were very adament it would/wouldn’t work.
    THAT to me is the shocking part actually . . . that there are “two opinions” on something that’s basically law of Physics !!! (which we know are, neither changeable nor negotiable)

  2. Oddball says:

    Know a few blokes that have tried to make jet engines from lorry super chargers,one worked then quit the other did not get off the bench due to collapsed bearings. and there was the student from the Kuwaiti Air Force that tried to make a jet engine out of baked bean cans :/

  3. Allstar says:

    MacGyver could do it.

  4. warbirdali says:

    As Stef points out; “Remember; do NOT try this yourself. Chuck is a trained Profess……” oh, wait a minute, what am I saying?

  5. JP says:

    they have made many stupid mistakes before that make me scream. Can’t watch the show any more….drives me nuts. Except for the “Disappearing Cement Truck,” and molding Kerry’s backside (and a lovely backside it is too)

  6. Awesome says:

    I have been unable to find any references to that particular episode of Mythbusters (soda can supercharger) except for this site. Does anyone want to let us know which episode this is?

  7. mike says:

    there is no real episode on making a soda-can supercharger on Mythbusters . . . . yet.

    Sometimes we just make things up……
    It’s showbusiness!!
    But let’s submit this idea to them and see if they can make one!

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