Never mess with nature! As a kid you’re usually quite careless when you go skiing or swimming or just roaming through the woods etc. I know I was. But now I’m at an age where I have experienced, seen and heard enough to be in awe of the the forces of nature. Maybe life is more enjoyable if you’re able to ignore all the dangers, but it can also be much shorter that way. Also, the trick is to not be scared, but to have respect.

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5 comments on “Thunderstorm
  1. RG says:

    Hey! When The Good Lord gives warning, take heed!

  2. Laviator says:

    Some wisdom there.

    So why do bad things happen, anyway?

    Who created evil?

  3. RG says:

    Well, in Judeo-Christian belief, the devil invented it when he placed himself in a position that only God can hold. When that caused a separation between him and God, he lost any Goodness he ever had, and fell farther and farther into rebellion.

    Others might say that evil is a concept and therefore not something to be invented as much as it is applied to certain actions that a given society would find objectionable.

    Personally, I hold to the first example (even though I have to admit that there is far more to it than in that first sentence).

  4. FlyingAce says:

    Evil is merely the absence of good, just as darkness is the absence of light and cold is the absence of heat 😉

  5. RG says:

    True, Ace! Can’t argue with that!

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