Snowing hard

Half of Austria is buried in buried in snow right now. And Mike and I are a bit bummed that we didn’t book our regular annual skiing trip in January as we usually do. Well, I’m sure there’ll be some snow left by the time we hit the slopes. Perfect timing is hard to achieve anyway, because if we would have gone last week, we might have been snowed in like many others. I think there are still some towns that are cut off from the outside.

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3 comments on “Snowing hard
  1. Wade Moeller says:

    Before I read your comment on the comic, I thought you were talking about West Texas. We got 10.6 inches yesterday, bringing our season total for 2011-2012 to 19.3 inches. That is more then Aberdeen, SD, Chicago, IL, Minneapolis, MN, and Buffalo NY for the same period.

  2. Warbirdali says:

    I have had that happen even in Memphis…office with no windows means I looked out 30 mins after it started and could barely see my car! Also I had a ski trip to Switzerland planned and it refused to snow until the day before I arrived, then melted after I left…great organizers those Swiss tourist people!

  3. RG says:

    Wow, Chuck! That is snowing really hard! XD

    Still waiting on the snow here. We don’t usually get any until late January through February.

    @ Warbirdali. I’ve only been able to make one ski trip to Switzerland, and it was FANTASTIC!!

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