Ancient native dance

It seems people have been dancing rather erratically recently here where I live. Last week we had sunshine and 20°C so you could even sunbathe outside. The last couple of days it was snowing again, with the occasional intermezzo of sunshine. But then, it’s April, so what would you expect.

By the way, does this “April weather” phenomenon exist in other places of the world too, or is this only a European thing? Come to think of it, does it even exist in other parts of Europe too, or is it just some Austrian thing?

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22 comments on “Ancient native dance
  1. Kilrah says:

    I’m a bit too close to Austria to answer that one – but yes, it’s freezing…

  2. Thomas says:

    We had snow here a few night ago in Munich, too.

  3. Sonny says:

    It exists in Sweden too =)

  4. Jide says:

    Same here in France: we loose 10 degree C in 1 week 🙁

  5. Fabo says:

    Definitely exist here over to the east. Crazy thing is, if I look out the window, everything points to 20+ degrees, all the nice green color, sunshine… and if I do go out, its almost freezing.

  6. Daniel says:

    You may want to check out the unreliable source – it has details on why and where this weather conditions exist. Additionally you can see the artikle does exist in swedish, but in no other language. seems to be a local problem here.

  7. Branko says:

    A little bit more to the south, on Balkans, it is a bit shifted to March. We have a phrase “baba Marta” in Serbian (roughly translated as Großmutter März) for rather unpredictalbe weather in March.

  8. Oddball says:

    Well over here in “Sunny” Scotland you all know the famous (or should that be infamous) saying……stay in one spot long enough and you get all four seasons in one day! been having the same sort of weather Stef. even managed to beat the temperatures of Spain up North in March, then we had the return of the snow and now its back to the rain.

  9. Allstar says:

    It’s been short sleeve and blue jean weather here in North Carolina for the last several weeks. Wind has kept us on the ground a few times though.

  10. BusMech says:

    EDHI: Nice weather……..for ducks!

    If you don’t like the weather here, just wait five minutes and it might change to what you like.
    If not…give it another five minutes. 😉

  11. mike says:

    It’s definitely just an European thing either. Speaking for the Southwest of the US:
    We’ve had everything from fog, sunburns, rain a few fires, and then even 2 days of frost control flying here in Southern Cali in the last week….

    Maybe there are too many Natives dancing for different weather at the same time….

  12. warbirdali says:

    My peeps in Manchester (U.K.) were sunbathing 2 weeks ago and having snow last week. Here in Memphis, Tennessee we had 90 degrees F (32c I believe it is in Euros) last week, air conditioning on, shorts and T Shirts etc, then yesterday morning it was 40F, coats on again, heat running and I could see my breath! (then again maybe I should brish my teeth at least once a week?) I blame the crazy weather on Al Gore.

  13. Pedro says:

    Happens in Portugal too :-/

  14. mike says:

    one of our helicopters was fighting fire in Minnesota last weekend (see in forum under “The season has begun”)….
    now it’s below freezing there!

  15. RG2Cents says:

    It happens here in the southeast US, as well. Last week the high was in the 80’s F, but the low this morning was 34. I used to work close to a forecaster with AWS who used to be stationed at Charleston AFB. He said SC weather was among the hardest he ever had to forecast.

  16. reynard61 says:

    Here in Hoosierland (Indiana) we had 80s* in March (record breaking streak, in fact!), and daytime temps have thus far been averaging in the mid-to-high 60s. Unfortunately, we’re back down to the 50s for today (Tues.) and tomorrow. So, yeah; the weather’s been kind of weird this year…

    *All temps in Fahrenheit.

  17. Meganite says:

    And the weather in Texas has been unseasonably constant for a while… except for that freak tornado storm in Dallas. O_O

  18. Rob G says:

    Alberta is crazy for changing weather… In the past its been 20C and sunny at 12pm and by 2pm it’s -10 and snowing…
    This weeks weather… today was +12 tomorrow is forecast to be +16 the day after…. snow!

  19. Jackfloyd says:

    In Rome it’s the same… This week is freezing, and last week I was out sunbathing!

  20. Gonzalo Avaria says:

    Well… here in Chile (yeah… Chile, South America) we have the “anti-april weather” 😉 It happens in August!

    Thanks for your comics, they are awesome!!!

  21. mike says:

    Makes sense, Gonzalio. With you being on the other side of the equator and all.
    Never put much thought into it, but it makes sense as soon as you said it.

    So, you should have great weather right now then, huh?!

    (thanks for the kudos btw)

  22. Gonzalo Avaria says:

    Actually, at this moment we are going into Fall (Autumn for the English folks! 😉 )

    Some sunny days, less heat than in summer and definitely less light than before. which is fine with me, I was getting tired of the summer heat!

    Are you going to Oshkosh this year? I would like to meet you there… I’m planning a trip with my father to go there.


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