Oshkosh Approach

As some of you also commented on our last strip, I hope we will end up at the right Oshkosh too! But Mike was already there once, so I bet he knows the way. For me, it’s going to be my first time in that general area of the States. Usually I go visit Mike on the west coast and only maybe transfer in Chicago. I hear Chicago is a beautiful city (I’ll stay there one night), so I’m really looking forward to this trip!

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8 comments on “Oshkosh Approach
  1. Martin says:

    Hello stefan,
    From chicago, a nice city, you should head north for oshkosh. That is a direction towards cooler temperatures, normally…
    We will see you guys there,
    The Leeuwis family

  2. stef says:

    Looking forward to see you too!

    With my Chuck-like orientation skills I’m sure to make it there before Friday! 😉

  3. warbirdali says:

    now that is just MEAN!!

  4. Kessog says:

    I was lucky enough to go two years in a row, 1990 and 1991. And on an “armed” O-2 even. The run in isn’t too bad, just follow directions, keep spacing and remember all the thousands of other pilots judging your landing. 😀
    We flew from Ohio west past Chicago in the morning and east after dark, a mile off the shore. Chicago at night from 1000 feet in the air is impressive! Not to mention the line of airliners approaching from the north over our flight path.
    Good times, good times…

  5. mike says:

    “armed” O-2 ???
    Do you know Tom Murphy, the author of “Complete Guide to Cessna Aircraft” by any chance?
    He used to have one of those and took it to airshows….

  6. Kessog says:

    By “armed” I mean the full weapons panels, two fake 100 pounders and two LAU-68 rocket launchers. Talk about a drag penalty!
    I don’t know that author but I’m sure the owner of that O-2 did. He also had an AT-11 that I got a ride on to Sun And Fun in ’02 I think. Now that was a fun trip!

  7. Gerry says:

    Chuck’s reputation obviously precedes him, but I’m afraid you’ve got one critical detail wrong. The KOSH ATC gang all where pink t-shirts. ;^)

  8. Thordalf says:

    Gerry, can that mean that Chuck managed to go the the wrong place AGAIN?

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