Yellow Piper Cub

In this strip, Chuck and Julio unknowingly stumbled into Oshkosh’s “Piper Cub – Fields of Yellow” event. (Check out the website!)

What they don’t know is that Piper Cub owners have been getting organized for many months to turn the sky yellow at AirVenture 2012 to celebrate this awesome Piper type’s 75 year anniversary. We will try to see them as well and tweet you the exact times of when and where we’ll be!

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7 comments on “Yellow Piper Cub
  1. warbirdali says:

    why do I feel that wopuld happen to me? I would have thought that Chuck would be the kind to use GPS on his phone all the time so he could give Julio the exact coordinates- being s gadget-centric pilot!

  2. JP says:

    I’ve seen a Piper Cub “crash” with the only damage sustained being the cause of the crash. The landing gear on the left side collapsed and was hanging loose on approach. The winds were rather heavy that day, so the landing ground speed was almost nil, so when it set down, it just lid a few feet and stopped.
    Wasn’t very popular with the airlines as they now had to land with 25-35 knot side winds on the other runway until the plane could be moved. We offered to get a group of strong backs and carry it to the side, but the FAA refused until they had their ‘experts’ assess the situation. So instead of a few minutes delay it took most of a day to clear the plane. A large fork lift, some pallets and of course three guys lifting the plane so the pallets could be slid under.

  3. JLT_GTI says:

    And this is one of many reasons why yellow cubs are so much hated everywhere 😀

  4. SAS7 says:

    JLT_GTI: Hmm? Why are they HATED? I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t like a classic J-3.

  5. mike says:

    How can you hate a yellow Piper Cub ???

    That’s like hating puppies!! Nobody hates puppies!

  6. Sas7 says:

    mike: Exactly! Can you hate a basket of KITTENS?!

  7. JLT_GTI says:

    I didnt said people hates J3 cubs..

    only yellow ones 😀

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