Boeing Chinook

Before you write to tell us that this time we’ve gone too far in portraying Sally as stupid, let us assure you that this is based on a true story and only very slightly exaggerated!

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14 comments on “Boeing Chinook
  1. Gary says:

    Can’t complain on this one. You hit the nail on the head, that’s sounds like my sister.

  2. Warbirdali says:

    Yeah…I mean what if the one in the back got confused and went the other way? it would tear itself in half!

  3. Allstar says:

    Roost Air very closely resembles the flight school I work for. And this strip is no exception

  4. Chuck says:

    Well, she is a blond after all isn’t she?

  5. Kraut says:

    Hi there (and thanks for all the fun you bring us with your comic strips!),

    as you surely know there’s an old saying in german:

    Hubschrauber – der eine hubt, der andere schraubt

    There is not a really 100% fitting expression in english, a very free translation would say something about the following:

    Hub en. lift
    schrauber en. screw(er) as in screwdriver, not in screwing someone

    So that would be something like:

    Hubschrauber – one is lifting one is screwing

    So, maybe at least the german speaking countries do have a lot of Sallies, even before the venerable Chinook… 🙂

    Kind regards and (please) keep on with your great work,


  6. Paul says:

    Wow, the number of people I can relate this to at my club… Creepy.

  7. flighty says:

    As a chick CH-47 pilot, I find this HILARIOUS 🙂 Thanks for making our pilots and crew laugh with your latest!

  8. mike says:

    Hey! Thanks for the kudos flighty!

    I had no idea the strip already found it’s way into the CH-47 sling wing driver crowd!

    btw, the only thing invented in this conversation is the word “fan” (in the original the word “propeller” was used) and that my BS explanation about how this thing is supposed to work was way longer since I was going all out to see if she would catch on.

    I originally thought she was joking (because the first question about two pilots would be a legitimate helicopter question for me since you always need more than one pilot in big helicopters), and half way through my long explanation about how they have to train on a simulator first and do tests to see if they can work together and how the front guy gives the commands like “ready” and “turn” which needs to be read back by the rear propeller pilot I started to feel bad…..

  9. Thordalf says:

    Warbirdali, that’s how they hover on the same spot.

    Chinooks seem good stuff for jokes, SWAMP had a go at them too:

  10. Octavio Valadao says:

    I don´t think this is stupidity. I´ve saw people outside of aviation saying things from that level to worse.

  11. Frank says:

    I was a CH-47 Chinook pilot in the U.S. Army and, of all the helicopters I’ve flown, this was my favorite, if not the most fun. We Army “Hook” pilots just smile at all jokes and other attempts at humor at at us and what we fly. My helmet’s off to Boeing for supplying us with such a marvelous aircraft!! P.S. Keep up with humor…I love it!!

  12. Frank says:

    I love the jokes about Chinooks even though I’m a former, and proud, “Hook” pilot

  13. mike says:

    The Chinook is a great machine, Frank. Never flown it myself but I know plenty of people who have. We’re kinda making fun of Sally though (actually the real girl who really asked me that question) and not so much the helicopter 😉

  14. mike says:

    Oh! And thank you for your service, Frank!

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