Flawless kite

Seems like Julio will always find something to criticize. I mean, after all, if you took flawelessness and perfection too seriously, they could never be achieved!

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5 comments on “Flawless kite
  1. FlyingAce says:

    I also foresee an encounter between Chuck and the kite-eating tree… 😛

  2. RAMPAGE says:

    How long before someone comes out with a cord-less kite after reading this?

  3. warbirdali says:

    Won’t Julio need an STC if he significantly alters the performance of the kite? Or just a field approval as the DESIGN would have had a string? Also I am glad Julio said it because I can’t see kites in cartoons (or real life) without thinking of Kite-eating trees & good ol’ Charlie Brown

  4. Oddball says:

    It’s a Mech thing, It’s an unwritten law having to criticise the pilot.

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