Go fly a kite

Well, no kite eating trees around here after all! Actually, today would be a great day for flying a kite here, because it’s really windy. Maybe I’ll head down to the airport…

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5 comments on “Go fly a kite
  1. RG2Cents says:


    Did not see that coming! šŸ˜€

  2. GuyD says:

    At least the kite flies!

  3. Thisguy says:

    I would laugh, but I’ve had to dodge kites (plural) while on final with a glider. And then those “not so sane” persons got angry at me when I told them off for trying to kill me!

    Kinda saw it coming, but good comic anyway!

  4. Techlogsigner says:

    Back in the 1980s in West Berlin a UH-1H of the US Army was brought down by a childrenĀ“s kite and had to make an emergency landing in a garden. Fortunately nobody got hurt and the helicopter was repaired on site and later flown back to Tempelhof Airbase (where the US Army aviation detachment had a hangar).

  5. Sas7 says:

    Techlogsigner: Amazing- I didn’t think that something that small could inflict so much damage- on a Huey?

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