Party on the airliner

This is another not-invented comic strip, depicting a situation and a dialogue that happened verbatim on a flight from South Africa to Europe some thirty-something years ago. The lady with the baby was our mom and the baby was Mike, and the “Wrongh Brothers” were German tourists.

Not that I would ever be loud on an airplane, but a threat like that would certainly work on me, and probably anybody!

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5 comments on “Party on the airliner
  1. warbirdali says:

    Wait…since when did babies SLEEP on flights? last summer my 3yr old stayed up all day at daycare and then stayed awake the entire flight to England from ATL, AND then stayed awake the whole day we arrived! Maybe I should have hopes she stayed awake and reverse psychology would have kicked in. It is funny though to see English 20yr olds’ disappointment when they discover that although they have been drinkling legally fort he past couple of years, US flights do indeed still have free booze BUT you have to be 21 to get any!

  2. mike says:

    HA! I still fall asleep everytime I go up in the air and I don’t get to sit in the cockpit….
    Always have been. I was the perfect baby to fly with. And when I turned 7, all I did was take pictures the whole time of all the planes (but my parents had to make sure I get a window seat, otherwise there would be crying….)
    But I hear you.
    This one flight from LAX to FRA, we had two 3 year old sitting next to us. Twins! Whenever one fell a sleep, the other one would cry and throw a fit. Their parents didn’t do anything about it nor were they able to handle them. It was 9hrs of non-stop noise.
    Worst flight ever! (even with earplugs and having the FA keeping the drinks coming)
    Now it’s funny but at the time, not so much.
    The funny part is that we had lunch at a Sushi bar before we went to security and to the gates and we saw that family with the twins. They were crying brats already way before the flight, throwing themselves on the floor with crying fits. We were laughing and saying “Imagine the poor saps who have to sit next to those brats for a whole flight?”
    We laughed out loud!
    …..but we stopped laughing a few hours later when we found out the poor saps was us…..

  3. Austrian_Blob says:

    He, I still remember, on our flight from Vienna to Beijing (12 hours) I was drawing and playing on my DS-Lite the whole night long, because I NEVER sleep on the plane. NEVER EVER. But I have no problem with sleeping on a car/bus/train…

  4. Dodger says:

    This surely brings back some memories of my flights back and forth from Korea to New York back in the 90’s. There was always a family of infants ready to start crying the moment we took off! Nothing quite like 17 hours of non-stop screaming…

  5. Kristen says:

    I guess it’s ’cause I’m female, but the baby is adorable! Also, I agree with what the mother/nanny/babysitter said.

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