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  1. Michael says:

    A controller at EKRK said something similar when I made a similar landing when training for my license: “OY-xxx landed 1st, 2nd and 3rd time on the hour”.

  2. RG says:

    Well… at least it was only two ‘boings’ this time…

    Chuck’s getting a lot better…

  3. warbirdali says:

    Wow… a 5-second bounce feels like 20 minutes when you are 10 feet back up in the air. Ahem…I mean “allegedly” and “So I am told”…..

  4. Brent says:

    I recently bounced a landing with my dad, a former USAF pilot, on board. I was horrified, but he added a little levity when he said that whenever he bounced a landing in a C-141 the flight engineer would ask him if he should log one landing or two. (and possibly suggest adding an extra .1 hour of flight time)

  5. reynard61 says:

    My mom (USAF, Germany, 1955-59) bounced her first BFT landing and nervously marched to the flight-desk and said “Sergeant, Airman Ludwig requests her Time of Landing.” The Sergeant at the desk gave her a look of something between disgust and pity and asked “Which one?”

  6. Rich Woods says:

    Our Avro Shackleton used to be named “Ermintrude” – this name came from a character from a 1970’s TV show called the Magic Roundabout.

    One day a Shackleton had a particularly bouncy landing and the following day it was sporting the name “Zebedee” complete with artwork of the character. The reason behind the name? One of the characters was named “Zebedee” and he bounced around… as he had a spring for a tail.

    Shortly after, all the other Shackletons became the other members of the Magic Roundabout – but it wasn’t only “Zebedee” that bounced!

  7. Matte says:

    I have never bounced a landing in my rag-wing, seen others doing it though and I am glad to say nobody bounced fatally.

    However I may have grass-planed (on my face), mire-splated, bullet-dodged, Spruce-chopped, beer-lined, beached and ditched during my landing attempts. The only thing I have seriously injured has been my pride (what little that was left of it).

    The only time I damaged my wings was when I was climbing over a barbed wire fence after being left behind after jumping…ahem!…flying off a hot air balloon. The hole is still there, for whoever bought my wings two years ago!

  8. Pedro Almeida says:

    Once did a not so perfect landing bouncing in an R22 solo (it’s always when everybody’s watching) and the instructor asked how many landings we should write in the logbook! 🙂

  9. warbirdali says:

    Rich: how many dimes did you have to hear “BOINNNG! Time for bed!”?

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