Helping clean the plane

I absolutely love Chucks first line in this one! It’s so typical for him …witty, when it comes to getting himself out of doing real work.

We were looking for a lead-in on this one, because the rest really happened almost verbatim (as it does so many times with our comics). My mechanic Billy and I were washing and waxing the helicopter on the only slow day we had up in Alaska in the summer of 2012 and there was a discussion whether to use or not-to-use a certain cleaner for the tailboom. The label said ‘not to use it on aluminum’ but the argument was that we’re not really using it on pure aluminum but rather on the paint “on top of the aluminum”. Billy ripped off the label and said, “Well, there you go! Problem solved!”

And once again I was reaching for my notebook that has all our CW ideas scribbled in it…

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2 comments on “Helping clean the plane
  1. warbirdali says:

    You know, apart from the one-liner in panel 1, and the rest of the concept, what also cracks me up is that Chuck is like a little boy… playing with the bat and ball, and then Julio telling him to go play outside… it’s a mother-child relationship! That (and the way he is bending to resist being pushed out) is the genius that makes the difference between average strips and great ones. Congratulations guys, this alone makes the subscription fee you charge to my credit card every month well worth it!

  2. Geoduck says:

    Old truism: If you do something poorly you won’t be asked to do it again.

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