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Jan 19Never say die, Iron Eagle!
Jan 26Delays at the next shuttle launch
Feb 16No more space shuttle missions
Feb 23Let’s get involved
Mar 2Banned from the HAI
Mar 9Just play dumb
Mar 16I dropped my chewing gum
Apr 11Sun and fun
Apr 19Stuck in Bangkok!
Apr 21Curse the volcano!
Apr 27Flying low
May 4A new level of hangar flying
May 11The secrets of flying control line
May 18Pimped Control Line Plane
May 25Remove the greatest risk factor
Jun 1The sideeffect of sunglasses
Jun 22I never wanted to grow up
Jun 29Reduce speed
Jul 6The quiet before the battle
Jul 20Who will sit next to you?
Aug 3Totally lost
Aug 17In a galaxy far far away…
Aug 24Bad flight planning
Sep 7Doesn’t look like flying today
Sep 9Flying too low
Sep 14100 hour inspection
Sep 25Did you learn a lot?
Sep 28Stuck in traffic
Sep 30Scary skydiving
Oct 2Chuck going down… and up… and down
Oct 5Drug runners vs. Chuck
Oct 9Getting paid to fly
Oct 12Unshackled and free
Oct 14New headset
Oct 16Nice approach!
Oct 19Four things you never want to hear during a long distance flight…
Oct 21Not a big deal
Oct 23Cessna 3 Bravo Tango Heavy
Oct 28A new hairstyle?
Oct 30Clean up the hangar
Nov 2At the end of the world
Nov 6How come we’re not moving?
Nov 11Secret spyplane mission
Nov 16Hans trying to marshal
Nov 18A mechanic’s best friend
Nov 20Concentrate and focus
Nov 23A pilot’s worst nightmare
Nov 25From up here, people look like ants
Nov 30TSA… what’s next?
Dec 4Julio the unforgiving
Dec 7Round birthday coming up
Dec 9Hans’ birthday surprise
Dec 11Pimp my balloon
Dec 14Open fire!
Dec 16Wait before you pick up the phone
Dec 21Man, I love snow!
Dec 23Where would you be without me?
Dec 28Repairing plexiglas