Getting paid to fly

Here’s another one of our older strips, a real “classic” this time. Boy, did we get a lot of feedback when we first posted it! With the strip being a few years old now, I think maybe the prices we quote aren’t that close to life anymore. But then we can’t adjust our strips to inflation every year…

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4 comments on “Getting paid to fly
  1. g says:

    You’ve been talking about these strips being a re-run of some old ones several times now, but I started browsing from the first strip and I don’t think I’ve seen them repeat.
    Where were they posted before?

    • stef says:

      Well, they were posted HERE. We’ve started our website in 2004, and posted a strip each week. A few months ago we revamped our website and switched to Comicpress as a content management system, and re-entering ALL the strips and recreating our whole archives turned out to be so much work, that we decided to just go a couple of years back and re-post the older strips one at a time.
      So since we now publish three strips a week, instead of one, and usually it’s two new ones, we think everybody’s happy with this deal, right?

  2. 3lke says:

    Cool, this was the first strip I ever saw from you guys. And I still find it one of the better ones. 🙂

  3. Allstar says:

    This sums up my feelings on my occupation perfectly.

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