Drug runners vs. Chuck

Well, maybe Julio should consider putting on steel caps on the wingtips!

By the way, I’ll be flying to Frankfurt tonight, because I will be attending the book fair there on Wednesday and Thursday. If anyone of you happens to go there too and would like to hook up for a coffee or something, or offer us a multimillion publishing deal, get in touch with me! But get in touch with me quickly, because I won’t carry any iPhone or Laptop and thus will be shut off from the internet in a few hours…

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2 comments on “Drug runners vs. Chuck
  1. Fabo says:

    If I just knew beforehand, tickets to FRA are pretty cheap in advance… never mind, catch you in Vienna sometime!

  2. Ivan says:

    Hey! Greeting from El Paso TX. Honestly, those helicopters are very annoying every day.
    Never stop. Just making noise.

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