Chuck going down… and up… and down

This is one of our personal favorite strips. As kids we always wanted to ride in those damn things but being the control freak I was, even back then, I could never figure out why I wasn’t able to steer this crazy contraption. Even though it had controls in it, it seemed as my inputs had no effect at all and the machine would just randomly move up and down. It was frustrating to say the least. Eventually we got older and also a little smarter and moved on to bigger and better things. It also turned out that 15 was just too old to ride in those planes…

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One comment on “Chuck going down… and up… and down
  1. warbirdali says:

    This is the awesomest of the awesome! I particularly kike the fact Julio left him playing while he got groceries. BTW I think you CAN control those things, except instead of a dime or a quarter they are about $25 Million a pop….. pr’haps FedEx will let you play in theirs? You’re gonna need a boatload of quarters though.

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