Unshackled and free

I have to admit I am still amazed about how those Nighthawks stay up in the air. Obviously the laws of physics can be bent after all! Or there might be something true about the myth that “they” have already discovered anti-gravitation techniques…

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8 comments on “Unshackled and free
  1. askr says:

    Hmm the 117 flights on the same principle, that helicopters fly – they are so ugly, that the earth reppels them!

  2. Cpt Vidal says:

    C’mon, choppers aren’t so ugly… they’re just outright scary to fly on 😛

  3. Doc says:

    Helicopters are ugly? Compared to what: an MU-2 with the short, fat body and wings it can’t quite hold up; a BN Islander (or worse yet, Trilander), or how about a Short Skyvan (not really an aircraft, but the box an aircraft ships in); or maybe the Pawnee (or anything Piper built, for that matter), now those are ugly aircraft. If you look closely on the ramp you can see the other aircraft shudder and try to edge away from them as they taxi past.

    Helicopters aren’t ugly, just beautiful in a different way. And 117’s fly by using technologies that confuse radars, visual acuity, and the laws of gravity.

  4. Seb von Grunf says:

    Actually, it flies using a technique discovered by Soviet engineers during 1950s. This technique is called “if you put an engine big enough, even a brick could fly” and it effctively denies all known laws of aerodynamics.

  5. Cat450 says:

    Someone once said “with enough power even a brick can fly”

  6. Cheekyfox says:

    I am offended, I think the Islander is a good looking plane, but there again I do drive a Land-Rover 🙂

  7. Claudio767 says:

    People here say an ugly airplane doesn’t take-off, it is repelled by the Earth! =P

  8. Dark-Star says:

    I actually once tried to measure the exterior a decommissioned stealth bomber at an aircraft museum, to see if the weird radar-screwing angles would worked on a R/C-size plane. Had to knock that off after a little chat from one of their security guards, who must have bench-pressed the smaller planes in his spare time…

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