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This is one of those strips where I would tell a story and Stefan would have an idea the next day which doesn’t even resemble the original story at all anymore. It probably was because it wasn’t all that funny of a story but it got the mind wandering.
In the earlier days of noise cancelling I had my flight helmet refitted with the latest technology because I started catching on to how important it is in the helicopter business to take care of your ears. It worked alright in the 3 bladed AStar but then I went on contract in Arkansas with a 2 bladed Long Ranger I had a hell of a time. After only 20min of battery time the thing couldn’t compensate for the signature blade slap of a Bell helicopter and was completely out of step. It felt like somebody was standing behind me slapping me on both ears with both hands! I had to turn it off. Eventually I went back to what was in my helmet before. Back then noise cancelling must have just been designed for fixed wing engines…..
It is also one of those strips which I am not 100% happy with. I keep thinking we can think of something funnier for Julio to say other than commenting on Chucks body functions.
Maybe you guys can think of something for us!

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4 comments on “New headset
  1. Jide says:

    Why Julio did not comment about Chucks flying skills? 😉

  2. Vince says:

    Only because we all know of Chuck’s dubious flying skills!

  3. Nate says:

    Most ANR headsets still don’t like bell helicopters.

  4. mike says:

    That’s why I haven’t been back to any NR headsets since 😉
    Bought the latest technology Gallet helmet with really good (standard) electronics and audio in it and great sealing earcups. Even CEP’s but the new helmet is so great I’m not even using the CEPs….

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