A pilot’s worst nightmare

I used to tell people “Yeah, of course I have jumped out of airplanes before!” This strip kind of shows what I meant by that. In reality I am pretty scared of jumping out of a perfectly safe aircraft while it’s actually flying. But it’s on my bucket list…

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4 comments on “A pilot’s worst nightmare
  1. JKelley says:

    Nothin’ wrong with skydiving – did it for fifteen years, until I blew my knee.

    “Show me a perfectly safe airplane, and I’ll stay in it.”

    Truth be told, I was also a single-engine pilot, but that was only for four years…

    Jumping out of airplanes isn’t anywhere NEAR as exciting as being yanked up INTO them – ref: “Fulton Skyhook.”

  2. Kilrah says:

    I have one week left before being thrown out of an airplane myself… mixed feelings… 😛

  3. Steve says:

    If at first you don’t succeed.

    Perhaps skydiving’s not for you!

  4. Eric says:

    If you want to experience the element, get out of the vehicle. 🙂

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