Why are you ignoring my texts?

I suck at messaging. Some people text with a speed and and effortlessness that it’s amazing. Especially young people. Personally, in most social settings, it makes me feel uncomfortable to be look at my phone, let alone text something back. I usually have to excuse myself and leave the room, because on one hand I feel disrespectful, and on the other hand I can’t formulate sentences with a discussion going on around me.

I wonder if that makes my a hypersensitive person who sucks at multitasking, or a polite and considerate person who prefers real interactions to impersonal ones.

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons it usually takes me forever to text back. I usually call anyway, because it’s quicker. Especially in a business context. I used to prefer writing emails, and emails do have their use and merits. But in many situations, a 5 minute call can solve more than an email that I spend 30 minutes on, trying to find the right way to get all the nuances right.

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One comment on “Why are you ignoring my texts?
  1. Bruce Bergman says:

    Chuck, you’re supposed to have your OWN Spill Kit and eyewash bottle & emergency shower at your hangar (or at least a bag of Kitty Litter as spill sorbent and a charged garden hose), or you shouldn’t be mucking around with things beyond your control.

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