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Why are you ignoring my texts?

I suck at messaging. Some people text with a speed and and effortlessness that it’s amazing. Especially young people. Personally, in most social settings, it makes me feel uncomfortable to be look at my phone, let alone text something back.

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Climb, confess, communicate!

Weird! How Julio can jump to conclusions like that. Here’s a short trivia question about today’s strip: Does anybody know where Chuck really is?

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Specialist literature

I’m not sure if Hans really needs to read up on the use of the word “no”. Maybe pertaining to subject of cream cake. But maybe the chapter in the technical literature he is consulting is more about how to

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Oil temp going up

I know a few people with Chuck-like communication habits in real life. Personally, I like to limit my use of all this fancy new ways to communicate. It’s not as bad as my approach towards computer games (which is basically

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