Oil temp going up

I know a few people with Chuck-like communication habits in real life. Personally, I like to limit my use of all this fancy new ways to communicate. It’s not as bad as my approach towards computer games (which is basically teetotalism), but I pretty much only use Facebook and WhatsApp. Because I work alone in my own office, I need to steer clear of as many distractions and time-wasters as possible. I’m getting sidetracked enough as it is! And I’m sure I’m not the only one with the problem …

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One comment on “Oil temp going up
  1. YawningMan says:

    So, what games do you play?

    Uh, I mean…

    I’m in school for my A&P license and believe me, I’m working soooooooo haaaaaaard on it right now!

    I embody dedication!

    Just let me save the princess real fast…

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