I’m not your slave

I guess this strip would work with many, many other professions as well. My brief brushes with employment gave me enough insight to appreciate my state of self-employment. I’d be lying if I said I enjoy it every day though. There’s some upside to having a regular paycheck, paid sick leave, paid vacation, not having to bother with accounting and taxes, etc. etc. Besides a reliable, I’d say the fact that I’m always on the job is the most grueling part of self-employment. No matter what I do outside my office, a little voice in my head always keeps telling me: You could be working!

But at least I don’t have a boss! Ha!

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3 comments on “I’m not your slave
  1. Landis says:

    I left self-employment for a career as a pilot. Now I’m finally at the point where as a Captain I am fairly close to self-employment again. Barely ever see anyone who is my “boss” but I also get the somewhat regular paycheck, sick time, and vacation. The first time I took a paid vacation I found the fact that I was being paid to NOT think about work the most relaxing part of my time off. It was amazing. To each their own.

  2. Aaron says:

    I’m self-employed too, and I don’t have a boss, I have customers, and they’re a lot less understanding…

  3. jan olieslagers says:

    Who said flying is all about compromises? I am slowly beginning to realise that the rest of life is not really different, perhaps.

    BTW if Chuck played this right, he could counter something like “am I qualified to drive your Mercedes to the flower shop?” or “my medical disallows me to smell/inhale the kind of chemicals typically used by dry cleaners”. Not really Chuck’s way of thinking, perhaps, but both could work with Hans.

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