Four things you never want to hear during a long distance flight…

Today’s strip was also written by real life. I was on a Trans-Atlantic flight and the airline actually ran out of beer! They must have had too many Irish and Germans onboard…
After the flight attendant told me and my initial disappointment (I love beer), I finally settled on a glass of red wine. I leaned over to my seat neighbor commenting “Boy, that was one of the worst announcements ever!” . . . . and so the strip was born after sitting in my seat and wondering what other horrible announcement she could have come up with.

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3 comments on “Four things you never want to hear during a long distance flight…
  1. Cpt Vidal says:

    Honestly, I don’t think there could be a worse annoucement than that… 😛

    But look on the bright side: they only ran out of beer, not alcohol… imagine if, instead of wine, you were forced to settle down with orange juice!

  2. Dark-Star says:

    My reactions:

    #1 – “Darnit. Now we’re all gonna be late.”

    #2 – “Uh-oh. Who had the heart attack?”

    #3 – “Better find a priest, too, ’cause we’re probably all gonna need last rites.”

    #4 – “Yawno. I don’t drink anyhow.”

  3. Snootz says:

    I think after hearing the first three announcements, the fourth one would indeed be the worst. ;D

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