Secret spyplane mission

Something like that happens to me all the time. Every morning I am demoted back to normal human being. Well, it could be worse, I could wake up being a chicken! By the way, I am not sure if this is the only strip, but if not, it’s definitely a rare occasion to see Chuck without his sunglasses on!

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8 comments on “Secret spyplane mission
  1. Felis says:

    Chuk without glasses? O.o it’s a fisrt time, as i think 🙂

  2. oddball says:

    His reputation proceeds him and they STILL want him for the job!! just as well it was a dream 😀

  3. Rodrigo says:

    He finally lost his coolness! haha

    BTW, nice strip, we all dream something like that!

  4. Mic says:

    I was guessing that, as all Heroes, Chuck has blond hair and blue eyes but the suspens remain !!

  5. darren elliott says:

    haha isnt that everyones dream!!

  6. ROBOT says:

    You mean Chuck doesn’t wear his shades to bed? And everywhere else?

  7. PhiBo says:

    But his glasses are readily placed on the nightstand. He won’t go without them for long.

  8. Kopets says:

    Some day, Chuck, some day…
    (All cool guys wear black sunglasses!)

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