Stuck in traffic

That’s one of the most bestest awesomest features of my job: The fact that I have my home office and don’t have to commute to go to work. But I also met a guy once who commuted to his job by airplane every day. He said that commuting was the most enjoyable part of his day, which is maybe even more enviable.

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8 comments on “Stuck in traffic
  1. JP says:

    Back when I was working there, one of the controllers at MSY (New Orleans International/ Louis Armstrong airport) commuted via cessna from his home. He lived where many folks who work in the metro do (North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain) but commuting in to the fbo cost him less and took less time than driving, even if his hours avoided the rush. The benefit of working at the airport and living next to the private field!

  2. mike says:

    Wow, that’s pretty cool. Yeah, like Stef said we know this guy who lived in Pasadena and worked in Torrance. Flew to work every day. Took him 20min or less. If you had to drive clear across LA like that it would take you about 3 hours…..

    One day that’s how I wanna go to work.

  3. Blake says:

    Please tell me Chuck is driving a rental car in this strip! Someone as cool as he thinks he is has got to have a much more Chuck-ish car. That, or like some pilots I’ve known, they drive whatever cheap car they can get away with so they can save every penny to spend on flying.

  4. Fabo says:

    Mike, werent you at one point actually considering buying a Cessna for commuting to work? (Not the daily commute, but still)

  5. stef says:

    Hmm… Well, I know that there’s some pilots out there that don’t mind at all what their cars look like, but you’re right, Blake, Chuck’s probably not one of them. The shocking truth is that I myself don’t really care about cars and thus have no idea how to draw them. Maybe we could vote in our forum on what car Chuck drives and then I learn to draw that!

  6. Louis says:

    No, if anything, Chuck MUST drive a crappy car!

    Look around a typical flight school/small charter ops parking… Most instructors (some owners even), have real beaters, or hand-me-downs from their parents.

  7. mike says:

    actually the worst beaters I have ever seen driven were actually by A&P mechanics!

    I am starting to wonder what kind of car Julio drives……

  8. Martin says:

    Haha. None of you guys saw the cars being driven around in Buenos Aires suburbs.
    As they say, ‘where there’s a will (=need), there’s a way’. Piles of rust on 4 wheels.

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