Delays at the next shuttle launch

So you see Everybody: This is what happens if a comic guy happens to travel by airline in todays times where people are trying to blow up planes with their underwear and TSA is increasing security at the wrong end!
Even though I never left the terminal areas and I didn’t buy my ticket cash, I had to go through screening every time I switched planes. And we’ll see how the whole naked scanner is going to play out…..
You have to ask if the terrorists aren’t already winning….

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2 comments on “Delays at the next shuttle launch
  1. Matley says:

    Well Stefan, they did win the moment we labeled them “terrorists” they are doing what the label says, create terror!
    The important thing we should ask ourself is:
    If someone is taking advantage of this terror to justify his own personal agenda of limiting our freedom!?
    Even worst : what if someone underneath is promoting terrorism just to gave an excuse to restrict your freedom!!!!
    Medal medal medal

  2. RAF56_Ball says:

    Are you serious? The actions define the person, not the label. They wedre already hurting others when the “label” was applied.
    To paraphrase the professor in “Chronicles of Narnia”, “What are they teaching children these days?”

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