To the moon

To the moon

To the moon

Last week, we celebrated the 50-year anniversary of the moon landing. It was a wee bit before my time but I am sure I would have been equally riveted watching this as I was watching the Shuttle Launches. What a

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Pesky NASA reports

While “not screwing up” is definitely the best way to go when initiating, conducting, and terminating a flight, we may screw up slightly from time to time. The Nasa report (as Chuck and common slang would call it), which is

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No more space shuttle missions

I heard an interview with Buzz Aldrin the other day, where he philosophized about the future of space exploration. Very interesting! Among many other things, he mentioned that in his opinion the focus should be more on unmanned space travel

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Delays at the next shuttle launch

So you see Everybody: This is what happens if a comic guy happens to travel by airline in todays times where people are trying to blow up planes with their underwear and TSA is increasing security at the wrong end!

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