100 hour inspection

I’m sure Julio will very much appreciate the help! Personally, I’ve been on both sides in situations like this before. Sometimes you just want to help and only make everything worse, and sometimes, no matter how well-intended the help might be, you just want everybody to back off and deal with some problem yourself. Ah, the topicality, the psychological depth and profound wisdom that can be found in our strips… 😉

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5 comments on “100 hour inspection
  1. Charles says:

    Hahaha! Great strip you have here, I will definitely be bookmarking this site! I love everything about it, from the art style, the layout, everything. If I had to critique something, it would probably be the background of your site. It looks good, but you should look into getting rid of the aliasing (aka jaggies) on the clouds and a little on the Cessna, and you will be all set!!

    • stef says:

      Thanks for the great feedback, Chuck, I mean Charles! 😉 True, I noticed that thing about the background too, but I thought I was overly self-critical and no-one else would see it… Well, guess I’ll add that to my to-do-list for the website!

  2. Aaron says:

    Yep, been there, done that!
    Now, my first question is: “What can I do to help? Do something, or just get out of the way?”

  3. turbomagnus says:

    I know how Julio is going to feel when he finds out. I don’t know how many times at work people have created more work for me to do by trying to help without asking what’s going on and I end up having to undo what’s been done and redo it correctly. It even got so bad at one point that my standard response became ‘If you want to help, don’t.’

    Actually, it’s probably worse for Julio since he already finished it and now he has to redo something that was already done correctly before someone ‘helped’.

  4. Techlogsigner says:

    Great comics! And, being a mechanic myself, who deals with pilots who want “to help” all the time, taken from real life!
    In the army they say that there is nothing more dangerous than a second lieutenant with a map. For me it is a pilot with a screwdriver.

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