Flying too low

Here we go! Our first Thursday update! Weehee!

Between our airport and the helicopter training area we use is a skeet shooting range. I always tell my pilots to stay away from it as much as they can or fly over so you put yourself behind the shooter. Then I started thinking about what they would do if you buzzed them or flew really low…

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5 comments on “Flying too low
  1. oddball says:

    dont know if I’ve told this story or not in the forum. Heard about one bloke flying his R/C helicopter in a farmer’s field just flying away happily and decided to try his hovering skills by trying to land on a fence post. He got there and hovered for a few seconds next thing is a lound bang and the helicopter disapears in a cloud of flying parts. Then the farmer comes out of the bushes reloading a double barrel shotgun and says “Thanks best target practice I’ve had for years!”

  2. Cipher says:

    oddball, that’s the best history i’ve ever heard, i can’t stop laughing, cheers mate

  3. Michael Ramonette says:

    love the artical in The Autopilot. Mike Says.

  4. stef says:

    Thanks Mike! It’s pretty cool, isn’t it!

  5. Dark-Star says:

    Actually knew someone who this happened to…except the clay pigeon didn’t go in front of their plane, it went through the front passenger’s window!

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