Bad flight planning

Oh yes, even if you’re not a pilot I am sure you can relate to Chucks mishap in this strip. Mike would have a story or two to tell from his last trip to Mexico, and I would have a story from my trip through Vietnam this year, although it involves a train and not a plane. Well, I’m sure everyone has a similar story to tell! Maybe that’s why toilet humor works so well, because absolutely everybody can relate! 🙂

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2 comments on “Bad flight planning
  1. Gary Thomson (Retired Bush/Waterbomber Pilot) says:

    I enjoy your comics, especially tjhe avaition related ones,as many of them Echo ” Been There ,Done It” situations in my own career !
    Picture that same situation happening ,half way between Moosonee and Winisk Ont (Hudson’s Bay), with little or no safe water to land a float plane on , for 2 -250! miles ! Keep up the fine comics
    Gary Thomson

  2. Claudio767 says:

    Hey guys! How’s doing?

    I really liked your comics! Nice job! Nice to see some funny comics about aviation.

    LOL! I’ve been into a similar situation once. But it was, as we say here, number 1, not number 2, as in Chuck’s case, hehe. Me and the instructor were in a Brazilian version of the Piper Cub – it’s called CAP-4 Paulistinha. I’m 6’0″ (1,83m) tall and we were flying for more than 1h30. So, imagine… My legs were aching and I was begging for a restroom. Man, that was a real relief when we landed!

    Keep up the good work!

    Cheers from Brazil,

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