Repairing plexiglas

I’m sure this here evokes some happy memories in a lot of people, from times you had to repair or glue something like that. I certainly been there and done that, although for me, it’s quite a while ago, when I was building model planes as a kid. Man, I hated gluing stuff, and still do! I think it’s a neurosis of some kind, something like a tactile dysfunction. I just hate sticky stuff in all shapes and forms! Except maybe post-its, I can handle post its…

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2 comments on “Repairing plexiglas
  1. Cpt. Blade says:

    Nice to see that Chuck is having progress with his Corsair… he has bought a canopy! Way to go Chuck! By the way, when is the next cylinder coming?

  2. oddball says:

    Are you sure about the post-its? even the glue on them is powerful stuff 🙁 when in the shed working on a model I always have a bottle of nail varnish remover handy, been up to the local A&E a few times with a bit of wing or tail stuck to me.

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