Pimp my balloon

Chuck is like the aviation version of Tim “The Toolman” taylor, isn’t he?! I love the second panel where those two just look at eachother and when Chuck says “What do you mean WHY?”
This would would make the perfect awkward moment if we can ever get Chuck animated. Since we invented him we have an exact idea how he would sound when he reacts. Ok, so this is the last strip leading up to the original idea that was laying around.
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2 comments on “Pimp my balloon
  1. Cpt. Blade says:

    I totally agree, dude! I can’t name one single flying machine that wouldn’t be made infinitely more awsome by the addition of a radial or two! 😛

  2. Helixdaunting says:

    “But without a Tach-guage, how do you know how much fun you’re having?”
    I love Chuck.

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