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Open fire!

Well, this concludes our mini series about hot air ballooning. We got so much great feedback about this subject, that we think we might do something along these lines again. And maybe next time Hans will be lucky enough to

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Pimp my balloon

Chuck is like the aviation version of Tim “The Toolman” taylor, isn’t he?! I love the second panel where those two just look at eachother and when Chuck says “What do you mean WHY?” This would would make the perfect

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Hans’ birthday surprise

Well, hope you guys enjoy todays strip! It’s funny, some strips are thought up and drawn really quickly, this one here seemed like it took forever… Our online shop Christmas Special is now officially closed and we will announce the

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Round birthday coming up

This is the first strip of a little mini-series we prepared for you. Once again we had a joke laying around on top of “the pile” for months and kept saying “We need to do something with this one!” But

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