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Hi Everybody!

Before you write us an angry letter accusing us for working AGAINST the AOPA, I want you to know this strip was not intended as a call to pilots get together and help the AOPA!

We were merely poking fun at human nature where most of us agree something is a good idea but only a few of us actually get off the couch to do something. Case and point: We all know the benefits of a good diet and excercise but you can clearly see not everybody actually gets up and runs a mile. 😉

We are doing our part, among other things, by poking fun at hopefully the right places. It’s one thing we know how to do.
HOWEVER!! If anybody out there ever needs our comics and cartoons to underline a point he or she is making, please write us. We will help anybody who is out there fighting the good fight! In the past we have often licensed strips and cartoons for pilots who were fighting local noise complainers and we have been invloved in lots of similar projects (helping airports stay open, brings GA awareness, support our youth, you name it…). The offer still stands!
Get in touch with us! We love input!

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