Who will sit next to you?

Okay, for this week, we’ll also try something new. That is something like a single panel cartoon instead of the typical comic strip.

I guess everybody who ever flew economy before has asked him/herself this philosophical question we raise in todays cartoon. Usually you play this mental game when you sit at the gate, waiting to board the plane. I always find myselft looking at all the other passengers and ranking or grading them. Funny, how it’s never the As sitting next to you, but usually D to Fs. Sometimes a C or B.

The only thing wrong about our cartoon is that the lady with her two children would probably not sit *next* to you, but behind you, so the kids can kick your seat from behind.

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4 comments on “Who will sit next to you?
  1. Cpt Vidal says:

    Incredibly realistic this cartoon is. Personally, as a pilot myself, I feel really bad for people that travel as passengers in today’s airliners, specially the ones who have their first flight experience that way.

  2. DeanB says:

    I always like to have a package of origami paper in my carry-on. It takes up practically no extra space or weight. When it turns out that the woman with the screaming child is in a nearby row, I fold a paper crane or something and pass it to the kid. The kid will quiet down for at least a few minutes, and I’m a hero to everyone for four rows around.

  3. Dark-Star says:

    Some airlines are actually trying “baby-free flights”, and requiring passengers over a certain weight to buy two seats. Naturally they’re fighting ‘discrimination’ charges at every turn…

    On behalf of the rest of society, however, I would like to tell their lawyers and those they represent to go hump a cactus.

    Hopefully the airlines will prevail…

  4. Austrian in Space says:

    Well, probably because B) is *definitely* going to sit in Business or First Class… :T

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