For today we’ve dug out another classic from many years ago. I’ve never been on a maintenance flight before, but I assume it is like in many other situations in life. If you pay close attention to detail, strange sounds etc. you will suddenly notice all kind of things that make you wish you had never paid close attention in the first place …

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3 comments on “Uh-oh!
  1. JP says:

    Very good rules.
    I’m reminded of the Bill Cosby bit on Things You Don’t Want To Hear While Under Local Anesthesia:
    doc: “Scalpel”
    nurse: “Scalpel”
    doc: “Forceps”
    nurse: “Forceps”
    doc: “Retractor”
    nurse: “Retractor”

    doc: “Oops”

    patient: “Waddya mean ‘oops’?! I know what I mean when I say oops, What do you mean when you say oops?!”

  2. Birgit says:

    That’s actually one of my favourite strip.
    As far as I know it is based on a true
    story..what is life without the little shocks
    we experience now and then 😉

  3. Matte says:

    I was jump master on a piston driven BN-Islander with 10 skydivers (5 students getting off at various altitudes), we had just climbed past 5000 feet when both engines started sounding really rough and spluttering. As JM I looked out the window to see where we were and looked at the pilot, who was furiously looking through the instruments to figure out what was wrong, turned around and said:
    “It’s ok, you don’t need to jump!” while waving with his left hand.
    Which was not quite what I heard through the spluttering engines, but rather:
    “…Ok, you…need to jump!” while pointing dissmisively towards the door!

    I had my students out in less than 10 seconds and the other four went out past me without prompting, I waved the good luck sign, to a very confused looking pilot, and bailed out last myself . It was not until I was falling away from the plane I realised that his confused face may have been due to some missunderstanding.

    We had a laugh later and the pilots were instructed to never use the word “jump” in a noisy airplane unless they really wanted us to “get lost”…

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