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I like how Hans continuously tries to come up with clever ways to keep his employees motivated. I guess if you are cheap, you need to try to be clever. I am not all that sure he is succeeding this time. Of course none of us in the real aviation world have ever dealt with operators that are cheap (*cough cough*) and know that this strip is completely invented.

But let’s do something new here! Post your favorite “motivational” quotes underneath the strip! Let’s see what motivates you!

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10 comments on “Great quotes
  1. Captain Dunsel says:

    I’m retired. Just keeping on breathing is all the motivation I need (although the occasional glass of wine or bowl of ice cream doesn’t hurt). 🙂


  2. Dom says:

    Remember: you are special and unique. Just like everyone else.

  3. oddball says:

    If it’s stupid but works then it’s not stupid

  4. Magnoire says:

    “Work smart, not hard”

  5. Mreagle says:

    Hard work pays off in future, layziness pays off now.

  6. JPKalishek says:

    heh, motivation.
    Me, today at work ” [expletive deleted] they’re just going to have to [expletive deleted] wait! [string of muttered expletives deleted]”
    I’m getting well beyond caring because I’ve stopped what I’m doing to stop what I’m doing to try to do something that I’ll be stopped from doing so I can take care of an emergency that 3 weeks later I will get asked “Where is [x] that we asked for?” or, “Hey, that was actually the wrong thing, can you quick make [y] and get it up north before noon?” (this at 10:30 with a 2 hour prep time minimum, to even start making [y] and only if [Y] is not frozen)

    okay, I’m calming down

  7. fyrflier says:

    If at first you don’t succeed . . .
    . . . skydiving is not for you.


  8. Johsua says:

    By the way, I’ve scheduled your checkride for next Tuesday.

  9. reynard61 says:

    I don’t know if it’s motivational, but my personal motto is “Going where Angels fear to tread…”

    P.S. Re: Hans’ “frugality”: “Curse this biological addiction I have to shelter and nutritional sustenance!”

  10. Denton says:

    “I’d rather be ‘chicken’ than have to be good.”
    – Aviation Proverb

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