5 comments on “Taxiway or Runway?
  1. KenH says:

    Those airports, CHUCKLES, all KNOW you are an IMBECILE
    Normal airports, you’d either get killed, or BE killed

  2. Johsua says:

    Well, Chuck is the guy who needs someone to tell him why runway 10 is labeled in roman numerals..

  3. Quill says:

    Runway incursions can be a serious issue, and I don’t think it’s just Chuck who’s accidentally confused a runway for a taxiway. I once had such an incident, flying at an unfamiliar airport (Hobby in Houston, Texas, KHOU) in a Cherokee. We were taxiing across a runway (with ATC clearance), the runway was pretty wide, somewhat crowned, signage on the other side was a little vague, and it must have been like a 5-way intersection with two runways and a taxiway or something. (This was several years ago, so my memory is a tad vague.) I saw a paved area on the other side and assumed it was the taxiway, but apparently it was actually a runway. Fortunately my dad, who was familiar with the airport grabbed control and steered us away from what would have been, at best, filling out one of those NASA “get out of jail free” forms. At worst, that Cherokee would have been 737 food.

  4. Johsua says:

    Runway incisions also have a frightening habit of being planned. It may be because I’m a CFI-I and simply fly more, but I’ve seen an increase in “position and hold” at non-towered fields reaching almost epidemic proportions. It seems so trivial, but it is actually a cause in numerous fatal accidents since the stationary aircraft is hard to see and visibility rearward is almost non-existent. It also creates a hazard from wing tip vortices not being allowed to dissipate.

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