At the shear table

Shear tables are awesome. But boy, do you need to pay attention to your fingers. That’s definitely one of the tools I wish I had, but I’ll probably never own a big enough workshop to put it in. Also, I don’t really need it very often, to be honest.

Talking about tables: I’m driving to AERO today! It’s going to be the first time I have my own table there (Foyer Ost) and also the first time I’ll be there for the whole duration of the show. If you’re a fan or just a casual reader, please stop by and say hi!

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4 comments on “At the shear table
  1. Captain Dunsel says:

    Hope you have a great time and get lots of visits from readers. 🙂

    Times like this make you realize how much the Internet brings people together, with real (or nearly so) time communication, even though we live continents apart.


  2. jan olieslagers says:

    I intend to visit on Friday afternoon.

  3. jan olieslagers says:

    And btw I cannot see how such tool you call a shear table would be used when creating a dashboard. Either make it on a CAD mill from sheet aluminium (if flat) or lay up in fibreglass/epoxy (if not).

  4. Bernd says:

    jan olieslagers, a panel can also be a just a piece of sheet metal, cut to size and possibly bent into shape, to cover something. It doesn’t necessarily mean dashboard.

    Then again, who says Chuck will use the right tool for the job?

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