The EAA and fine arts

We are happy and proud to announce that Chuck and his friends are now featured in EAA’s “Sport Aviation Magazine“! For this special occasion we thought it would be funny to see if Chuck would recognize himself should he see himself in the magazine. Turns out he doesn’t. In his mind he is still the greates pilot who has ever walked the earth (or better “flown the earth”)

So, check out the magazine and let us know if we made it better and funnier by sending Chuck over! And if you happen to be a local EAA chapter newsletter editor, feel free to write us about how to get Chuck into your newsletter.

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3 comments on “The EAA and fine arts
  1. Oddball says:

    Is this a case of art imitating life?

  2. Bo Lindbergh says:

    ITYM “flown into the earth”.

  3. blint says:

    What a gesture on the third pic 😀

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