Natural atrophy

It is a scientific fact, that the atrophy of chocolate cakes is much higher than the one of carrots. You can try this in a home experiment: Put a chocolate cake and a bag of carrots in your fridge, and see which one will disapppear quicker.

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4 comments on “Natural atrophy
  1. jshawley says:

    Unless it’s carrot cake! 🙂

  2. laviator says:

    That’s because coca is a drug, a feel good drug, a pain killer. Pushes HTP-5 just like the rest of the SSRI’s. I read somewhere that many leaders throuout history had a craving for these beans. But still I perfere caffeine over theobromine

  3. Pegasus says:

    As a horse I’ll always take the carrots, or apples, minty treats yummy.

  4. RG says:

    Well, for what ever reason, the poor cake didn’t stand a chance… XD

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