Leonardo’s flying machines

It feels good to be insured. I mean, without liability insurance, having a car crash could really turn your finances upside down. And I’m sure my life insurance to cover my mortgage will let my bank sleep well at night.

But on the other hand, there lies some truth in the statement “no risk, no fun.” I’m sure we wouldn’t be where we are today if our ancestors had been as risk averse as we are.

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3 comments on “Leonardo’s flying machines
  1. Jadawin says:

    It’s not that we are risk averse, it’s that we are not able to assess risk.
    How many people though that taking a plane is more dangerous than taking a car… or that skydiving is more dangerous than scubadiving… 🙁

  2. FALSL says:

    Ha ha!

    I can see that being an ungodly large sum of money.

    I especially like how you drew the flying machines in the back there.

    – Mr. Joshua


  3. mike says:

    You should see what we pay for our helicopters!

    The insurance companies are like “What? You wanna fly helicopters into fires?” . . . .uhm yeah…

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