A truly free aviator

Actually, there are some rules for flying remote controlled airplanes. They are similar to the very first flight regulations: 1) Don’t kill yourself, and 2) Don’t kill others. My personal experiences with rc planes were a little bit frustrating, because the time it took to build my first glider compared to the time it stayed airborne was at a ratio of about 2 months / 20 seconds. My frustration tolerance wasn’t too big, when I was a kid, so I started playing guitar (the guitar doesn’t break when you make a mistake), while my brother stuck with building model and rc planes.

But apparently, if you do it right, you can achieve something like this here. Check it out! It’s a video that Kilrah, one of the members of our forum just posted recently!

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10 comments on “A truly free aviator
  1. Oddball says:

    Err have to say this but………….that’s Radio Control not remote.

  2. stef says:

    Really? Where’s the difference?

  3. Tarasdad says:

    Sad to say but RC aircraft are very much affected by TFRs, VIP movements in particular. Also, the FAA is currently in the process of formulating sUAS (small Unmanned Aerial System) regulations that could adversely impact all of model aviation. More info can be found at the Academy of Model Aeronautics website, http://www.model airplane.org

  4. Oddball says:

    Well with Remote Control you are either using Infra Red Light bit like your Tv controllers or using a wire linking the Transmitter to the model. But with aircraft,gliders,cars and boats you are using radio waves to control the model for example Megahertz and now Gigahertz due to the distance they can get away from the transmitter. Cars and Gliders mainly use 27 Mhz while aircraft and gliders use 35 Mhz and as mentioned Gigahertz.

  5. Oddball says:

    Forgot to add boats also use 27 Mhz.

  6. Kilrah says:

    Well, technically… Radio control is one particular type of remote control, so a radio controlled plane is also a remote controlled plane 😉
    BTW, thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  7. stef says:

    Well, Kilrah, that’s how I would have interpreted the word too! But when in doubt, the native speaker is usually right.

    By the way, just stumbled across this RC helicopter video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VDdHJDQn3Y Mind boggling!

  8. Laviator says:

    Reminds me of my frustration trying to get my sail to stay put when learning to windsurf. after about an entire day trying not to topple over, I managed to remain upright for 7 seconds before falling in the water. That ratio was something like:

    1 week training / 7 seconds windsurfing

  9. Meganite says:

    stef, that RC helicopter video makes me laugh uncontrollably for some reason… probably trying to imagine flying that way in a full size one.

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