7 comments on “The wing fell off
  1. itsimon says:

    The appropriate link therefore:

    great strip, get on with it 😉

  2. JimBob says:

    Very Scary Guys – That’s the song that was on the XM when I checked the strip this morning.

  3. Eagle says:

    this is a interesting video of what could happen with a wing braking of during flight…

  4. Jupiter says:

    @Eagle: You do know that video’s a fake, right? for what really happens, see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-A4QZAxrb28

  5. Oddball says:

    Had a complete tail section fall off while coming into land once. Was not happy since the model fell into the stream running around the field.

  6. Tarasdad says:

    The full-scale vid was faked. The real incident happened to a 33% aerobatic RC model where the owner was able to continue flying a knife-edge and approach for a landing. The only additional damage to the model was bent landing gear. This was only possible because of the way the wing panels attach (bolted to the fuselage separately) and the excess power-to-weight common to this type of model aircraft. The video is on YouTube if you want to look for it.

  7. darren elliott says:

    thats a great one…

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